Los Angeles Psychotherapy Services

Rosanne Becker, LCSW


There are a multitude of reasons why you might come to Therapy.  Maybe you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or going through a difficult life transition. Therapy provides a safe space to work on life's problems. Individual psychotherapy can help you feel empowered and provide you with the skills you need to improve your life and restore your potential for inner peace and harmony. I work with you incorporating techniques and exercises using the mind and body experience, so you can achieve a reduction in distress, and experience an increased sense of well-being. Areas of specialization include: 

                                                             Depression and Anxiety (panic attacks)

Stage of Life Transitions  (aging)

 Relationship and Family Conflicts

 Stress and Anger Management

The Treatment of Trauma

(Neuro-bio sensorimotor techniques)


Perhaps you have tried to resolve your relationship problems on your own, but they do not seem to get better. A positive non-judgmental environment allows couples to really listen and hear what the other is saying.

 Power struggles and conflict
Emotional connection or intimacy
Distance in the relationship
Difficulty healing from infidelity or other relationship injuries
Stress stemming from fertility problems
Life transition (move, job loss or change, birth of a child) 

 Adjustment to becoming a blended family
Parenting concerns

I welcome all types of relationships and have experience working with married, unmarried, same-sex and bi-racial couples.