•  Are you currently going through a challenging life transition?
  •  Are you feeling distressed because of health issues, career or family problems?
  •  Have you experienced traumatic events in the past that continue to resurface and  affect you to this day? 
  •  Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged, lonely or trapped in your  relationship?
  •  Are you an older adult struggling with stage of life issues?

Therapy can be a great opportunity to explore long-standing problems and to work through current stressors in the safety of a nurturing, non-judgmental environment. Therapy provides empathy, compassion, and actionable insights designed to help you deal with personal and relational challenges, so you can lead a more fulfilling and emotionally balanced life.

               If you are ready to make changes and get support, please contact me today. 


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Rosanne Becker, LCSW